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Full-Service Electronic Payment Processing Solutions

Credit & Debit Card Processing

The simple fact is, a large majority of consumers prefer to use debit or credit cards to pay for their purchases. If you aren’t currently set-up to accept these payments, you’re missing the boat. Even you if are, IPP can probably save you a lot of money on rates. Call us today.

NFC & Contactless Payment Processing

Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay & Samsung Pay are growing in membership on a daily basis. The NFC technology required to process these transactions is built right in to our systems. Call today and learn more now.

Smart Card Processing

Embedded chip cards are the new normal. With the EMV liability shift and emerging technologies, you have to be ready in order to manage your risk. Are you ready? Call us today to find out!

Mobile Payment Processing

Chances are, you already own a smartphone and maybe..just maybe…it makes a lot more sense for you to process your transactions on your own device. Anytime. From anywhere.

EBT Card Processing

Electronic Benefits Transfer, as it’s called, has completely replaced the antiquated system of issuing food stamps. Recipients are now issued a card that looks and acts just like a credit or debit card. Are you able to accept these? Call us today to find out!

Check Conversion & Check Guarantee

Yes, consumers still payment by check often. Make sure that your check payments are processed quickly and safely with our check imaging, conversion & guarantee services.

High-Performance Terminals & Point-Of-Sale Harwdare Solutions

IntrepidPay Personalized Tablet Solution

EMV Ready

Credit, Debit, EBT

NFC Compatible

Customizable Software

Inventory Management

Much, Much More!!

IntrepidPay X2.3

EMV Ready

Credit, Debit, EBT

NFC Compatible

Chip and PIN

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Much, Much More!!

ipp 310 PIN Pad

EMV Ready

Credit, Debit, EBT

NFC Compatible

Connects To Any POS

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Lightweight & Durable

RDM Check Imager

Industry's Most Reliable Imager

Optical Data Recognition

Magnetic Data Recognition

Connects To Most POS Systems

Bi-Directional Document Drive

Lightweight & Durable

IntrepidPay Mobile

Take Payments Anywhere, Anytime

Extra Long Battery Life

Signature Verifications

Multi-Merchant Capable

You Already Own The Phone!

Highly Secure

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